EST. 1994

As well as a chance to meet old friends, play a little rugby and spend some time in the sun in beautiful Avalon, the tournament raises funds for the Wellness Community/South Bay. For more information about the Wellness Community click here.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone next year, old and new!

We have a sponsorship package through Catalina Vacation Rentals, 1-800-631-5280. They have agreed to a 10% discount for all rentals including Hamilton Cove, condos and houses. They are multiple bedrooms and baths, with kitchens, ideal for 4 to 10 people. They are a great value especially for those with children. The discount is good for the rugby weekend only. Mention Rugby for your discount.

Competition Update: We have been notified that we have been lax and haphazard in reporting our scores to the major news outlets. Rugby Rugby, CNN, ESPN 1 and 2, Fox Sports, Rugby Magazine and Trinity Broadcasting 700 Club would like the results in a timely manner for prime time reporting. Therefore the COMMITTEE has decided that only 3 points will be scored for each team during the entire Rugby Festival. We would appreciate you giving us the names of your designated leading scorer. That way we can report the scores and results at least one week in advance. If you have someone with a large ego, we suggest you give him, or her, credit for the points. Anyone or any team attempting to score more than 3 points, officially or unofficially, will be asked to leave the field and possibly be banned for the following year. Sincerely - The Competition Committee.

In an effort to promote sportsmanship and inflate egos we are offering a pre-festival special this year. Last year we sold all our "Most Valuable Player" awards. We will expand the opportunity to pre-purchase your award. Anyone interested can let us know by email of your interest. They will be $5 and are suitable not only for your trophy case, but hold 10 oz of liquid refreshments. Think goblets!

Another tradition we have established is our 3rd place finish/trophy/rugby ball. We purchase our new, virgin white, unused balls from Matt Godek Rugby Supply and have our festival logo, with "3rd Place Finish" spray-painted on each ball. We will give each team their ball early in the morning so there is no question how you will finish. For those eager enough, we can give you your 3rd place finish on Friday night. If you would like your own 3rd place finish trophy pre-orders will be honored by email. Just let us know. They will be $50 each. Let us know if you have quantitiy orders and we'll arrange team discounts.

Anything purchased at the Catalina Rugby Festival - MVP awards, 3rd Place Finish Trophies, Hawaiian shirts or T-shirts - are sold with a lifetime guarantee to all masters players and fans!

Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach

To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.


Los Angeles Rugby Club (LARC) has contributed extensively to the development of the game of Rugby Union Football on the Pacific Coast and the USA.


MAY 2nd 2020

Players will be guaranteed 3 games with no worse (or better) than a 3rd place finish. There will be a sign-up board at The Cantina on Friday night for individuals looking for a team to play with. There is a $500 (U.S.) entry fee for each team - portions are donated to charity, including the Wellness Community South Bay Cities.

Catalina Rugby Festival Entry Form


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